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About Us | Recaioglu Ltd

Recaioglu group started the business life with furniture, wood and decoration as a business family in pearl of North Cyprus, Girne.

During the following years, 4 brothers established Recaioglu Ltd in 1987 so they began to be institutionalized with combining respect, trust, loyalty to knowledge, ability and self-denial. Then, Recaioglu group expanded their field of business and founded Recaioglu Estate, Design & Construction, Recaioglu PVC, Recaioglu Steal & wrought iron, Recaioglu Marble & Granit, Recaioglu Tourism.

Recaioglu Group is one of the best example for both of the Turkish Cypriots enterprise ability and willing to achievement as management board and its whole the staff.

Recaioglu Group Construction that is one of leading company in North Cyprus today; adds to joy and health to people’s life with new draws and techniques which has been brought the construction world by Recaioglu Group, combines funtionality with aesthetic without any defect so Recaioglu Construction has carried top of the sector itself.

Recaioglu group is proper prided because of its achievements in private and public sector, it runs the bussines with believing that these achievements are guarantees for the future and it continues to be a trust monument for its services and targets in the entire country. The group is always known as searched, trusted, experienced and showed good example in the whole of the island.

Recaioglu Group has a powerful substructure and machine and equipments park to carry on productivity and quality continuosly, it gives importance AR-GE functions, follows the technological development very carefully and makes new enterprises and investments. Therefore, Recaioglu Group build a Delux Hotel in its own 58000m2 private property with its own equity capital that is going to be built in a 35000m2 area with 500 bed capacity, 5 stars Deluxe Hotel, and casino which is going to be brought North Cyprus tourism in near future so the group is going to clinch their success in tourism structure.

The group’s mission is understanding customer needs and wants, finding perfect solutions, analysing the targets very well, creating the productivity which provides technology and continously developing, making investments according to sector’s needs and being opened for critisizing and suggestion to give a beter service for customers.

The group’s vision is being trustable in its business field, providing a quality and powerful brand continuosly, training new teams who can use the technology very well and create newness in the business fields, keeping the leading position about customer satisfaction in its own business fields, giving importance the trusting subject between customer, group and among the staff, being a group who never gives up the principality of absolute customer satisfaction.

Recaioglu Ltd
Mete Adanir Cad. Emek Apt. No:21C Girne - Kuzey Kıbrıs
0392 - 815 1645
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